Feb 18, 2007

Spurs to Wembley

Re-hash of a re-hashed story in the Sunday Mirror this morning with Spurs potentially looking to use Wembley as their home for a couple of years while WHL is completely re-developed. Out of all the new stadium rumours, this is the one that probably sits most comfortably with the Tottenham faithful. The sticking point still remains the rather woeful public transport infrastructure that makes getting to the Lane a nightmare for many. Add an additional 20,000 to the capacity....and then picture Seven Sisters station after the game. Seems Levy is fighting hard to resolve this, but with so many obstacles, its tricky one to work out. Has to be done though. 36,000 just isn't enough. I don't understand the logic of the London Underground/local council not wanting to build another tube station closer to the ground.


Then theres the new training centre and academy (near the A10-M15 junction) that is also proving to be problematic to obtain planning permission to begin work.

Apparently we will be officially told within the year what Tottenham's plans are. I'll be happy with the above. I don't want us to leave WHL.


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