Feb 23, 2007

I'm thinking of buying Tottenham

Steve Nash. Most valuable player, two seasons running for the NBA. And one of us. I had no idea he had British parents and a connection to North London, let alone that he was a Tottenham fan and not in the same sense that Spike Lee is an Arsenal fan. Steve knows his history.

So picking up the Metro on my daily trek to West London from East London, I was a bit miffed that a basketball player was publicly 'expressing' interest in buying Spurs. But then, was I really miffed? Deep down, did it really shock or surprise me? I mean, this is Tottenham. We play out like some demented episode of Dream Team without the textbook over-dramatic plane/coach/hit-man ending. It usually ends with fans of other clubs laughing at us. Not that this particular story ended that way. It was more of a......'Oh, really? Steve Nash you say? Interesting. Ok. Cool. Seen the new episode of Lost yet?'

Bless Mr Nash and his enthusiasm. Keeping supporting us mate. And stay clear of Bill Simmons. He'll have you making a cheeky bid for Newcastle if you ain't too careful.


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