Feb 17, 2007

Enough with the excuses

So, FA Cup weekend is nearly upon us. With the tabloids latching onto the bad vibe that some Spurs fans are drowning in regarding Martin Jols 'performance' as manager this season, it seems that Sundays game is a must win. If anything to avoid mass suicide of lemming proportions come Monday morning when we all go to work and have gooners point and laugh. And we all know that when the fans start to complain and the papers start to report the disgruntlement....then it will probably only get worse.

Jenas and Defoe are both suspended. Huddlestone and Lennon are back in training. It's on Sky, so that wont help. I'm going to say just this: I will not find acceptable the Milky Way softness of recent weeks. I want us to be has tough as Mars bars. And not the current modern day marginalised Mars bar. I'm talking about the old skool Mars bar, which was as hard as a brick.

Yes, I'm a Jol supporter. I haven't changed my mind or opinion on him. I still back him 100%. But we have to start winning. Jol and the players have to give us something back. Just an indication of what we can achieve when everything clicks into place. A win at Craven Cottage will do. A win in style will do even more. Heres hoping....


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