Dec 21, 2006

I lost my toes at White Hart Lane

Bloody hell was it cold tonight. I had to endure extra time before seeing Spurs progress into the semi-final, and to be quite honest, hardly cared enough when it happened as I was losing blood circulation in my feet and legs. Only Spurs can turn make something that should be not-so-difficult into a hard evening's work. Though credit to Southend for being....well, for being as good as us on the night.

I see Chelsea are through, and with the usual controversy following them. Just a couple of things. Yes, Robben was fouled and it was a free-kick, but Robben mid-air arching of the back or whatever you want to call it, for extra dramatics is exactly the type of thing that makes Jose seem a tad hypocritical when he claims other players dive to earn penalties.

As for the free-kick itself. Thats some nice movement of the ball before it was even kicked. Made it nice and simple for Drogba to score claim the Toon. But then, when is a freekick ever taken from the exact position the foul took place? I guess people only notice when Chelsea 'move' the ball.

Anyway, I've got my fingers crossed for Wycombe in the semi. I'll be there with any luck, wrapped in a portable electric blanket. Mmmm toasty.


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