Dec 17, 2006

Flying the Flag

Arsenal, with immediate effect, have banned all national flags from the Emirates. Having visited the quaint stadium (less said about the day the better) I noted countless Cypriot flags - which isn't surprising considering the amount of Greeks/Cypriots that follow them. Apparently they brought these for show/protest AFTER another gooner displayed a Turkish Republic of North Cyprus flag.

If you're wondering what the political fuss is about, in a nutshell, the Turkish Republic of North Cyprus inst recognised by anyone other than Turkey, as Cyprus since 1973, has been occupied (and thus split into two - the Turkish bit at the top and the Greek bit at the bottom). Its a tad more complex than that, but I suppose the point is - if the 'Turkish Republic' are not recognised then why the hell should should all of Arsenals Greek Cypriot supporting community recognise this one bloke and his pretend flag? Whether he waves his flag or not, he's still gonna believe in what he believes in.

The act of complaint has only resulted in ALL flags being banned from the ground. So now nobody can be patriotic.

Football and politics, that doesn't happen often, does it....


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Anonymous said...

north cyprus is way better than greek cyprus.. once both greek cypriots and turkish cypriots were mixed so why not put a line in there flag now... because its not mixed no more because all greek cypriots politics are greedy and kristofyas looks like a fat pigeon... so greek cypriot people keep lying to themselves that they own the whole island.. why? give back our land that once belonged to us.