Dec 5, 2006

Christmas Blues

Girlfriend: You do know I wont be seeing you on Christmas day because I'm having to spend it with my mum and sisters.
Spooky: That's okay, we'll still see each other in the week leading up to the New Year.
Girlfriend: Yeah, but not in the week leading up to Christmas day. You know I'm working and I've got plans, I explained this to you.
Spooky: Yeah, yeah...I remember.
Girlfriend: So what are you going to do?
Spooky: Do?
Girlfriend: Yes. If we are not seeing each other Christmas day then when are you going to see me?
Spooky: Christmas Eve?
Girlfriend: No, I told you, I'm working.
Spooky: When do you want to see me?
Girlfriend: I think you should come round and spend Boxing day with me and my mum.
Spooky: (shrugs) Yeah, I suppose.
Girlfriend: (not impressed) I'm telling you, if you dont come round on Boxing day.......
Spooky: What?
Girlfriend: All I'm doing is asking you for one thing.
Spooky: I know, but I need to check something.
Girlfriend: Check what?
Spooky: I think Spurs might be playing at home.
Girlfriend: Spurs? You're going to blow me out for football?
Spooky: But I've got a season ticket, I've already paid for the match.
Girlfriend: Okay, you do what you think is right, okay? You do what you think is right for us.
Spooky: Its Villa at home.
Girlfriend: Where are you spending Boxing day?
Spooky: (thinking)
Girlfriend: (waiting)
Spooky: (thinking)
Girlfriend: Well?
Spooky: Can I goto the match and then come round to see you?
Girlfriend: (just stares)
Spooky: I'll be spending Boxing day with you and your mum.
Girlfriend: Okay, I'll let her know.

Spooky. Pwnd. I've had another conversation since this, and she keeps saying 'go to the football and then come round'. But the way she says this with rather brash hand movements and loads of pointing suggests she wants me to do the opposite of what she's giving me permission to do.

I hate to say it, but I'm technically under the thumb.



Zero said...


Spooky, grow some bollocks before she starts dressing you and telling you what you can and cannot eat.

spooky said...

Hahahaha, she's already taken me clothes shopping, and has asked me cut down on junk food.

Oh shit. My life is over.

Stokie said...

Spooky, I've explained to my missus that I WILL be attending the footy on Boxing Day.

I wear the fucking trousers you pussy.